HB Model to OSM Error: remove_degenerate_geometry

Hi, I just updated to the latest Honeybee version (1.7) and am now getting this error on the ModelToOSM component:

  1. Solution exception:‘Model’ object has no attribute ‘remove_degenerate_geometry’

Error Degenerate Geometry.gh (64.2 KB)

I’ve seen a few posts with a similar issue, but it was due to using the wrong units in Rhino. My units are set to meters but I’m still getting the error. Any help would be appreciated. File is attached. Thanks!

Hi @avril14 I ran your file and had no issue making me think it still may be a version issue (I could be wrong).

you can use the HB Check Versions component to see the versions of all the installations. Below is mine so you can check yours against it if you want.

if there is a discrepancy found you can run the LB Versioner component and get up to date.

I hope that is helpful

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Thanks! I think you’re right. It’s running OS 3.4, and Python 3.7.9. I checked the compatibility matrix and it looks like I’ll need 3.10.10 to run OS 3.6.1. I’m still using Rhino 6. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to upgrade to the new Rhino. But if there’s a workaround I’d be interested.

Have you tried running the one-click installer? it will install the required version of python and all of the bugs and their dependencies, this should get you the right version of python.