HB Opaque EP material creation inputs

Apologies if this topic has already been covered;

I am in the midst of detailing the EP construction of the surfaces in a project, with the intention of making the results as accurate as possible I am using the Honeybee_EnergyPlus Opaque material component to create an EP material for the tentative insulation being used.

My question is in regards to the input for thermAbsp (Thermal absorptance)

once again apologies; my only degree is from google and youtube universities: If I am not mistaken the input param being requested is for the emissivity, is this asking for Hemispherical (ε), Spectral Hemispherical (ε/ν or ε/λ) or directional emissivity ε/Ω?
@MingboPeng You laid the groundwork for PassiveBee perhaps you can shed light on the matter?

I am transcribing the construction from WUFI passive and said material properties if I am not mistaken are not referenced. once I get a handle on deriving the input param from other material data that is available I will most definitely make a component to handle the calculations and share!

WUFI material properties for reference:

Check the input/output reference for all E+ definitions. Here the link for your question.

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Thank you! That is exactly the info I Needed.