HB Opaque Material - Not Working in an Assembly

Hi all,

I am trying to establish a wall assembly using the create material component (HB Opaque Material) in order to be able to adjust the parameters of that materials for testing its impact on energy use. I have been able to run the simulation no problem but for whatever reason it reads in the first material but ignores the rest. Am I missing something fundamental here? Or perhaps there is an easier way to adjust material thicknesses with library components.

Also, is it possible to mix library material (using the search library component in HB) AND custom materials? That wasn’t working either.

Hope that is clear, thanks!

This has been sorted by amending the JSON file in the ladybug resource folder.

Yes! Absolutely!

Your screenshot looks correct so, if you are only getting the first material layer somewhere, the issue must be somewhere else in your script.

your second material has an irrational thickness (5m) maybe this is your bug