HB People / activity_level_schedule_name

When we connect a constant Schedule to the activity_sch input of the HB People component, we get a severe error while running the EnergyPlus simulation : “missing required property activity_level_schedule_name”

Indeed, our Constant Schedule name is not inserted in the in.idf file

Whereas without connecting the activity_sch (default value = constant schedule : 120 W), the simulation is working without error. An Activity Level Schedule Name is given in the in.idf

Is it a HB People bug or a wrong use of the constant schedule?
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@Romain ,
Thanks for reporting. This is most likely a bug and I will look into it now.

@Romain ,

So this isn’t a bug per se but it is definitely a case of a misleading docstring. The _type_limit_ into the “HB Constant Schedule” component has to be “Activity Level” like so:

I am going to update the docstring now and add some better checks to make sure the right type of Schedule Type Limit has been specified.

I improved the check in the core libraries for this case:

And I updated the docstring:

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Perfect. Thanks for fixing that!