HB PMV Comfort Map error: failed: SetModifiersFromConstructions


I’m trying to use Octopus to find the optimal facade design, gh script attached. Link Building Fin Study_GD 7_forum.gh (336.6 KB)

The script runs well when I set up the octopus. However, after several generations, the PMV recipe wouldn’t run properly.

And the error would persist, even if I turn off the octopus and just run a simple simulation.

Could anyone please help?

Your file has too many external dependencies and too many components for me to run it correctly on my end. Try running the simulation with the reoprt_out option and see if the error message in the report gives you any more information.

Alternatively, if you manage to make a minimal sample file that recreates the issue, let me know and I’ll try to reproduce the error on my end and push a fix.

Hi Chris,

I don’t know what is external dependency. The geometries are internalised, weather file is from ladybug map, construction and program are defined within the gh file. Could you please advise?
Anyway, I further simplified the script. The same error occurred. Link Building Fin Study_GD 7_forum.gh (331.6 KB)

Hi @XavierZhouLadybug ,

Sorry for the technical lingo. An external dependency is just a plugin that not everyone has and has to be downloaded from Food4Rhino like so:

Your latest file also still doesn’t have a lot of geometries internalized:

If it’s difficult to put together a minimal sample file that recreates the issue, could you just upload the .log file that is in this location?


That would at least allow me to see what went wrong.

Hi Chris,

Sorry I uploaded a wrong gh last time. Please find the correct simplified script.
Link Building Fin Study_simplified_forum.gh (132.2 KB)

report out:
error report.txt (56.9 KB)

logs.log (55.3 KB)

I tried to read the report out file but couldn’t figure out what really went wrong. Appreciate a lot your help!

Thank you, @XavierZhouLadybug . The simplified file is exactly what I was looking for and the log file in particular was extremely helpful. Thanks to your files, I found that there is a bug in honeybee that only affects cases where you have window U-factors that are equal to 3.4 W/m2-K. Changing the U-Factor to anything else (eg. 3.41 W/m2-K) will result in a successful simulation and you can use this right now to get a successful run of your comfort maps.

I also just pushed a fix for this case to the development version of the plugin:

It should be available with the LB Versioner in an hour or so and will also be in the next stable release.

Thank you, again, for finding and reporting this edge-case bug. I doubt I would have ever found this one myself.

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Thank you Chris! It’s working now.

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