HB PMV Comfort Map Inputs - Setting Constant Values for Db and Relative Humidity

Hi All,

I’d like to map indoor comfort with HB PMV Comfort Map. Do you have tip on how to fix drybulb and relative humidity values for EnergyPlus analysis? I just want EP to calculate the resulting mean radiant temperature / operative temperature that is referenced in PMV calcs.

Proposed Solution
There used to be a component “Set EnergyPlus Zone Thresholds” that would allow me to input setback temperatures but I don’t see this anymore. My thought was to use this component and override setpoint and setback temps.

Now my idea is to feed rooms through HB IdealAir system, then HB Apply Setpoint Values with cooling and heating setpoints equal (68F) and humidity setpoint set to 0.4 (40% rh). See snip below.



I ran the model with the approach above and checked the results with an hourly plot at coldest week. dry bulb temp setpoint was constant; however, relative humidity was not held at 40% rH.

Dry bulb temp - constant - good!

Zone rH - not constant 40% - bad

Please let me know if you have a tip on how to set zone rH to constant value for PMV calculation.

I think I got it working!

The rH input to “HB Apply Setpoint Values” needs to be 40 for “40%” not 0.4.

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