HB-Rad Direct Sun Results Visualisation


I am trying to use the HB-Rad Direct Sun hours component. The calculations run with no issue and the list of results seem correct, however I do not seem to be getting the results visualized in the viewport like the LB Direct sun component does.

Is this intentional? or am I missing a component that I am unaware of?

This is the sample Script I used for testing:

Direct Sun Hours.gh (44.7 KB)

I am looking to have it display results like this LB direct sun component example:

Hey @ssamryt,

If you place a LB Spatial Heatmap component and attach the “hours” result, the mesh from the LB generate point grid you can visualise the result.

You might also want to attach a Legend Parameters component to change the colour scheme to match the LB direct sun output

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Thank you @charlie.brooker