HB-Radiance 1.1 Rad parameters

Hi @chris

I notice that there isn’t a Rad Parameter component yet in the new tools although there is an input in the Annual Daylight recipe component.

Could you confirm that In the background the method used for calculation is that of the daylight coefficients? meaning that the rad parameters to input are the dmtx_par not the rad_par (refering to the HoneybeePlus Radiance Parameters Grid based component).

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I Oliver, I have used the same Radiance Parameters list, like the Legacy or Plus Version.

The only difference I found is that the new component, compared to before, don’t accept these 4 parameters, which don’t exist in the rcontrib calculation:

ps: pixel sampling rate;
pt: sampling threshold;
pj: anti-aliasing jitter;
sj: specular jitter;

Hope it helps

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hi @LiamRuvio

Thanks for your reply.

In the Plus version, I believe the outputs of the different calculation methods differ as a per:

-ad (ambient divisions).

I recall Sarith speaking about thir importance here : Radiance parameters for annual daylight recipe in Honeybee[+]

So I just wanted to double check what were the new tools considering.

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Sorry for the late response @OlivierDambron .

I plan to add the radiance parameter component to the LBT plugin soon and you can rest assured that the component will be there by the next stable release. And, yes, the different calculation types still have different sets of parameters that are relevant to them.

Right now, there are only two Radiance recipes in the LBT plugin and they should use the radiance parameters as follows:

  1. Daylight Factor - _recipe_type_ = 0 > Point-in-time - use the rad_par output
  2. Annual Daylight (aka. Daylight Coefficient w/ direct sun) - _recipe_type_ = 1 > Daylight Coeff. - use the dmtx_par output
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Hi @chris, from what I can tell there is still no RADparameters component for LBT V1, correct?

If I want to control the parameters, what format do they need to be in? I’ve tried the following but it doesn’t seem to have any effect:

lbt radiance parameters.gh (50.6 KB)

Hi @MaxMarschall,

It must be on this format:

@TK, yikes, it was late and clearly I wasn’t thinking clearly - thanks for clearing that up!

However, I believe I’m formatting it correctly now but still getting weird results. If you have the time, would you mind please responding to my issue posted here?