HB radiation problem with glazing


I have a HB radiation simulation that work, but now I want to put some parameters to my apertures added by ratio. I have tried an extration from HB objects and then a re integration in a HB model, but when I run this simulation all the results are zero, like if everything was closed.
Do you know how to make it work ?
In my gh model you will find the simluation that work above and the one who does not below
Thanks for helping
My HB Geo.3dm (49.3 KB)
My HB rad.gh (72.6 KB)

not confirmed yet but I’ve never seen this done before:

@chris is this supposed to work?


you are plugging a ‘Model’ object into a ‘rooms’ input

skip the model component and plug the rooms into here

Also in liue of this because unless I’ve overlooked somthing:

this is what you want

I did not have time to test it but take this for a spin and see if that atleast gets you closer:
My HB rad TF Edit.gh (69.1 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help ! It works for me
But are you sure that the obj modifier just impact the apertures and not all the faces of the geometry ?
And can you explain to me what is the adavantage of plug in the HB obj directly on the Rooms input of the grid sensor without passing trough the model component ?

Your final example looks correct, @TrevorFedyna .

Clearly, there’s nothing that stops you from taking the mesh geometries that come out of the “Visualize” components and using them to create new Aperture objects but I can’t think of any reason why you would want to do that since it’s redundant.

Yes, as long as you use the HB Apply Window Modifier component, only the modifiers of the apertures will be edited. You can check this using the HB Color Face Attributes and the HB Face Radiance Attributes components.

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I for some reason thought that planar srfcs / breps were the only acceptable “faces/aperture geometries” ty for the learning!

Yep! You can do meshes too!
Using meshes becomes particularly helpful when you want to run Radiance simulations with really detailed mesh geometry. For most energy modeling cases, it’s usually more practical to stick with Breps.

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AHHHH!!! That may be why I was unaware!! Radiance is not a typical activity of mine!