HB Read Face Results - missing indoor surface temperatures from SQL

Dear Ladybug Community,

I encountered a problem while reading the simulation SQL results for the surface temperatures.
My model has 255 rooms and for some of the room faces the reading component is not outputting the values.

I tried to separate the model into smaller batches to simulate only fraction of the rooms.
I did several tests and while I am simulating around 50 rooms, the results are red properly and i can visualize them with the HB color faces component.

As you can see the number of HB objects matches the SQL output data collections (551)

The problem starts when i am trying to simulate around 80 rooms in one simulation.

Suddenly some of the outputs from SQL are missing and the number of data is smaller then the face objects. What’s more, there is a different number of data collections for each of the component outputs: indoor face temperature(786), outdoor face temperature(767) and face energy flows(770).
Between those two simulations I haven’t touched any part of the script nor the geometry.
As you can see from the script I have only changed the number of rooms applied in the simulation, and used the Patch Missing Adjacency to close the model.

I had run previously several big models on my machine, and didn’t have any problems with reading the results. The model script is quite big but if needed I can upload the geometry as the HBJSON . The SQL is around 500 MB so also not very handy.

I triple checked all the parameters and this behaviour seemed quite random to me.
I would very much appreciate some help or ideas how to proceed, cause i am running out of ideas.


Script with 50 rooms

80 rooms output

50 rooms output