HB_readEPResult outputs 8935 items, not 8767

Hi all,

I caught a mistake that is easy to miss. When you set runSimForSizingPeriods to true in the simControls/EnergySimpar modules, it appends 7 days of information to the results. ReadEPResults returns 8935 items, not the 8767 that I’d expect. I wrongly assumed these sizing calc happened in the background and would not be appended to the readEPResults.

Figured I’d add this little mistake to the forum to help any others who might stumble into it. If you intend to run the Sizing period, be sure to remove the extra values from your annual energy summary.

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@LelandCurtis ,
Thanks for pointing this out for those who encounter this situation and don’t know what is going on under the hood. @mostapha and I are aware that this happens and it is, in fact, intentional. This said, I have had a nagging feeling for a long time that this could be better implemented. But, for the time being, this data from the sizing run is helpful for constructing visualizations like this example that produces a chart of loads over the cooling design day:

So we are going to leave this situation be for those who want to use E+ to understand HVAC sizing. For the majority of us who aren’t running the simulation to understand HVAC sizing, just make sure that you set the “runSimForSizingPeriods” to False, as @LelandCurtis says.

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