HB Rooms by orientation edge case

Hi there,

I was using the HB rooms by orientation to apply glazing ratios according to facade orientation, and glazing ratios are based on % of floor area instead of facade area, so I can’t just use the HB Glazing by Ratio component.

HB Rooms by orientation seems to breakdown for an edge case when a room has two external facades with orientations either side of north (ie 310,40) as it outputs the numerical average 175, instead of 355, see screenshot below of case.


I’ve managed a workaround where I use the individual facade orientations, but this might cause some unexpected results for others.


I made a component based on the HB glazing by ratio that sets the windows size based on % of floor.
If there is some interested i can post here for testing.


That would be helpful, and happy to test out for you.

Attached an example with the component.
Pay attention that it assumes the rooms are extrusions. Not sure if it will work for sloped walls.
As a “bonus” the component allows to set the minimal length of a wall in order to allow hosting a window (intended to skip small walls).
Hope it is useful and enjoy.
WindowFloorAreaRatio.gh (57.6 KB)