HB runEnergysimulation DOESN'T run

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the multiple posts recently.I am newbie…This problem might be very simple but I cant find any way to figure it out.

I can not run a simulation with the runEnergysimulation component it gives me an error saying “At least one of the mandatory inputs is missing”.I click true and nothing happens, the terminal doesn’t show.

I think I connected everything since it is a very simple one zone apartment.I build it by following almost all Chris Mackey youtube tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/user/chrismackey88/videos).

What could the problem be?

Many thanks in advance.


Room 1_Copy.3dm (598 KB)
Test HB 2_CWM.gh (650 KB)

Hi Nita,

Simple in this case: The input of the LB_Open weather file must be a boolean and not the path of the weather file. See blue group in the attached.

I also updated the components using the file updater.


TestHB2_CWM_AY.gh (658 KB)

Abraham, your my saviour :slight_smile: Many thanks!

I doenst work on the first definition(the uppermost on the gh canvas), I guess because the geometry is on brep only…

But it worked on the second! I will check the results right away.

BTW- I am working/learing to optimize the WWR with octopus, can you check which definition makes sense?(see picture)

1.Should I put variables of height , wall area and max window area at the Genepool?

2.If I use the HBglazing component should I assign the geometry with a berp, or else?

Many thanks again…much appreciated.



Hi Abraham,

I updated my components last week…I have no idea the old one appeared at your gh.

One more question(attached image): Even though I have chosen zoneEnergyUse at the EPoutput I dont get the results at the csv.file or the readEPresults

Do you know why?



So weird …

The file i attached i not working for me anymore. I get the following error in the HB_runEnergySimulation:

  1. Solution exception:index out of range: 34

But is not important (for me). The answer to your question is becouse the zones are not conditioned. In the HB_createHBZones you defined the input as false.

But more important, i think, are you sure your geometry is correctly defined as for HB is concerned? In the group below the zone is OpenBrep (and it is supposed to be ClosedBrep). In the above group all is defined as untrimmed surfaces in the output of the zones definition.

Also there are no windows, but this is not a mayor one. technically it will work, but what kind of results are you expecting. Recommend you to check this. You want to have a “good” geometry and zone definition before you cary on with the simulations. Check (again) Chris’s videos. They are great source.

As for the Optimization … i need to understand what are you asking and think about it. I’ll try to check this tomorrow. Though, i have to say, i’m not an expert on Octopus. Used it occasionally …



I opened it now at my personal laptop(previously working on the uni pc. where it worked fine!) and it give me an error! - with and without air conditioning set to true.I noticed now that the geometry is an open brep…

1. Your simulation probably did not run correctly.
Check the report out of the Run Simulation component to see what severe or fatal errors happened in the simulation.
If there are no severe or fatal errors, the issue could just be that there is .eio file adjacent to the .csv _resultFileAddress.
Check the folder of the file address you are plugging into this component and make sure that there is both a .csv and .eio file in the folder.

There si a .csv in the folder. but not an .eio…

1. To make myself clear, I know use the second definition assuming i is more accurate because I have build the room with separate surfaces(windows as childsrf.) and than added them in a zone.

The only thing that concerns me is that the attributes letters show in reverse, even-though I flipped them to the correct direction(check the 3D model at the message above).




The first rhino model 3dm is a solid. closed brep. and the second one is with surfaces.I saw both methods at Mackeys tutorials.I build the secodn oen with surfaces after the first one didn’t work.

Now I have to search again the internet on how to make them into a closed brep…its weird because it works on the tutorial…

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As for Octopus,

Maybe the image is confusing because it has two options.Last time I asked about it you said that a simple version to start would be to change window size(glazing percentage) according to heating and cooling as objective.

Now this one must be very simple too, if I connect only two objectives… but Im wondering:

      • I should put the geometries as sliders(connected to the HBglazign component) or in the genepole (and connect them with G)?
      • In this case should they be areas in GH or breps with assigned geometry?
      • for Objectives(or fitness) , I understand that I have to ‘translate’ any results I have into numbers?or these are variable too?

Hope I didn’t confuse you even more.



The WWR results i want to achieve by using results from HB and LB and optimizing with Octopus are exactly was this video is showing(in this case he only optimizes for 500lux)


Hope someone will come up with an smart idea :smiley:

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Analysis period is from 1 JUN to 31 DEC
Between hours 1:00 to 24:00
Current document units is in Meters
Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
TypeError(‘Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: source’,)
Failed to copy the object. Returning the original objects…
This can cause strange behaviour!
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Overhang (roof)_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup
Duplicate surface name! Name is changed to: Adiabatic walls_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup_Dup
[1 of 7] Writing simulation parameters…
Ground temperature data contains monthly average temperatures at 3 different depths .5 meters (1st)2 meters (2nd)4meters (3rd)respectively
[2 of 6] No context surfaces…
[3 of 6] Writing geometry…
[4 of 6] Writing materials and constructions…
[5 of 7] Writing schedules…
[6 of 7] Writing loads and ideal air system…
[7 of 7] Writing outputs…

… idf file is successfully written to : c:\ladybug\unnamed\EnergyPlus\unnamed.idf

Analysis is running!..

Done! Read below for errors and warnings:


I’m not sure what are you trying to achive but if you are trying to find the glazing size to get to average 500lux similar to the linked video you can just use Galapagos, and Daylight simulation. Check the attached file.

If you have any other questions I suggest to open a new discussion and reference to other discussions such as this.


windowSizeOptimization.gh (440 KB)

My bad! I didn’t realize that you started this discussion. Can you upload latest version of your file and be clear about what is exactly the problem?


I followed Chris Mackeys youtube tutorials, almost all of them.And also other discussions and videos…

I build it twice, see the definitions at gh file.

The problem(s):

The geometry is not a closed brep.

The simulation doesn’t run.

There in no .csv or .eio file created.

Error message at the comment above.

Many thanks for taking time to help.



Room 1_Copy.3dm (598 KB)
TestHB2_NEW.gh (668 KB)

Hi Nita,

Some good news but also bad.

Attached a file where i get the geometry clean so the zone is finally a closed brep. One of the problems was that the shaded area in the corner was defined as part of the zone. You should define this as shading elements. I put at the left those geometry surfaces that are not necessary for the zone creation. Also deleted what is not necessary, just for my own sake trying to understand the mess.

The bad news is that the EnergySimulation component is giving a severe error that i can’t get what is it. The error says:

[1 of 7] Writing simulation parameters…
Runtime error (IndexOutOfRangeException): index out of range: 34
line 813, in groundTempData, “<string>”
line 1070, in main, “<string>”
line 1430, in script

Chris or Mostapha should know how to deal with this one, hopefully.


TestHB2_NEW_AY.gh (490 KB)

Hi Abraham,

Thanks a lot…I guess the freedom of many alternatives of building zones leads me to errors.I appreciate you took your time.



p.s. Working on the octopus optimization, will share it soon.