HB Simulation Output Component working issue


I have recently found an issue while performing energy simulation through HB components. Although I found a technique to overcome the issue, I thought of informing you all about the problem.

Firstly, I have used HB Simulation Output component to avail EP surface results for simulation. The simulation could not even produce CSV file in the output folder.

Later, I supplied the required output string from “additional strings” input in Run Energy Simulation component and it worked.

I wanted to know whether the problem is occurring just to me or for other too. Suggestion of permanent fix would be very helpful.

Thank you

@Naga You should try running energy plus using open studio and check if error persist.

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I reviewed the IDF files generated in default folder and understood that the outputs defined by HB simulation output components is not being appended. But when I scripted through IDF editor or by additional strings input in HB run simulation component, its working fine!

@Naga Maybe you are using old version of ladybug and honeybee.Please upgrade to the newest version.

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First time itself, I have ran an update and then simulated. Today, I have ran an update again and still the LadyBug and HoneyBee components show the version as 0.68 and 0.65 respectively.

The test simulation has been ran and still error exists with simulation output component (May be only at my end).

@Naga Could you upload the grasshopper file for debugging?

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As I am the new user, this page is not allowing me to upload attachments.

@Naga You can post share link such as dropbox/google drive

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@minggangyin, Thank you for the way-forward.

@Naga You used two different honeybee . They are not compatible. You should use Honeybee-legacy’s EPOutput.
ToDeBug2.gh (522.6 KB)

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@minggangyin, Thank you for clarification.