HB UTCI comfort map

Hello. I use Ladybug tools version 1.5. I can’t find any example regarding to “HB UTCI comfort map” with the buildings. In the file with just a tree as a shading, I see that we have to connect the ground to the model input (in HB assign grids and views component), in my case I connect the surrounding buildings (HB models) to the model too (adding both HB ground model and HB models of the buildings). If I’m right up to this point, after the calculation, I have branches for each building and the ground for both UTCI and MRT results. What I don’t know is how to have the final results for UTCI and MRT. Do I have to average them for each sensor grid every hour?

And also I run energy simulation in my algorithm and I noticed that if I extract surface temperatures from the results for “LB outdoor comfort”, science the numbers have to weighted manually for accounting view factors, it doesn’t make sense in my case. I wonder if there is any way that I can use energy simulation results for having MRT? In the case I mentioned above as far as I know for having MRT, I have to use HB models (one step before running energy simulation)
I highly appreciate if you answer my questions

Hi @LiLi1010,

Did you had a look at the samples folder?

yes, I’ve seen the file you mentioned. Comfort_mapping file is an example of PMV and indoor comfort. My case is UTCI for outdoor comfort so the algorithm is different.

Is there anyone to help me with this problem?