HB UTCI map with custom windspeed error - SplitAirSpeedFolder failed


I am trying to generate a HB UTCI Comfort Map with custom airspeed input (using csv file with windspeed values for individual sensors).

I am getting the following error -

I am performing the analysis as point-in-time study - using single day , single hour and 1 timestep since I only have 1 column of windspeed values for each sensor.

I saved the CSV file with UTF-8 encoding. It helped but still getting the following error

PFA - hbjson model, windspeed csv file and gh script.

Would love a nudge in the right direction. Thanks
Ground.csv (23.8 KB)
Outdoor_UTCI.hbjson (855.9 KB)
windspeed_utci_test.gh (28.1 KB)