HB+ vs HB multi-thread grid analysis


Please correct me if I am wrong - Legacy HB supported multiple CPUs by “spltting” the file into multiple smaller ones and running them simultaneously (number of “parts” that were calculated at once depended on numOfCPUs input).

I cannot see that that option HB[+] RunRadianceAnalysis component.

I’d like to run grid analysis for multi-zone multistorey building - I started wondering - am I better off (calculation time-wise) using Legacy HB or HB+ for analysis?

I’m preparing some test files to check that, but thought that someone more experienced may be able to help me with my question.


@Wujo Legacy honeybee use point-in-time daylight analysis using Radiance and annual daylight analysis using Daysim. HoneybeePlus use 3-phase or 5 phase method to do higher resolution.So you should select which one is suitable for your request? HoneybeePlus do not support the multi CPU, but you can use AcceleRad based GPU to accelerate your workflow.