HB Window Construction Shade Multiple Control Types

Hi folks!
After searching this forum, I couldn’t find whether or not it is possible to combine multiple control strategies for blinds. For example, I would like to have control strategies 1 AND 4 at the same time.
No error is displayed but is it correct to do this?

Many thanks!

Hi @BlueMeadows,

In this way you create two constructions, so it is not goiing to do what you expect. For using an extra controle type you have to use the schedule I guess.

Your Idea would be nice to be a nice to have!

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Unfortunately, EnergyPlus doesn’t support this with its dynamic shade objects. However, the schedule_ always gets applied on top of the base control_type_. So, if you are able to represent your other control strategy with a schedule, then you can technically have two control strategies at once.

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