HB zones read from IDF file are scrambled

The following is the building geometries read from and IDF file through the OpenStudio plugin for Sketchup:

However, the geometries produced by the Honeybee import IDF component seem to be scrambled.

May I ask if this component can only read IDF file created by EnergyPlus 8 or later? (The test IDF file is created in E+ v7)



It looks like an issue about global vs local vertices. I’m sure that I tried to implement it to import Idf but it is failing in your case. Is it possible for you to share the file with me?


Thank you, Mostapha. Apologize for my late reply.

I’ll send you the IDF file through another email later.

Did this get resolved? I’m experiencing the same issue.

Partial Solution: use OpenStudio to export to gbXML, then use the Honeybee Component Honeybee_gbXML to Honeybee.

The scrambling is much improved, but all my shading objects are floating around in random places.

Still interested in whether there’s a fix to the import .idf workflow.