HB Zones vs Rooms vs Model

Hi, I just updated my LB+HB to 1.1 and now I have problem running the simulation.
Why did the Zone change to Room ?
How should I convert zones to rooms?
How should I convert zones to model?

new component for running the simulation seems to require model instead of hbzone?

EDIT: I see this is related to changes in 1.1 but can I find somewhere example files for 1.1?

I think you should use only LBT components while using new workflow. Legacy ones are not supported here.

Where can I read how to use the new ones?

As I know there is no manual now. But they are quite instinctive, even more then old.

Check the samples directory in the file you download from food4rhino.


LTB Honeybee Rooms and Legacy HBZones are effectively the same thing. But we decided to change it to “Room” because the word “Zone” is laden with so many different interpretations depending on whether your an HVAC engineer or a lighting designer or a thermal comfort researcher. Long story short, most people know that you mean an enclosed volume of space when you say “Room”.