HBgenerators is not defined - EP-Materials failing


my simple office box (adiapatic walls, floors, glass facade) won’t run, because of HBgenerators is not defined. Attached you’ll find the gh-file and the error-report. Any advice would be very helpful.

Furthermore my collected EP-Materials (import EP-materials) when get plugged into HBSurfaces E+ doesn’t find them. I had a look on further posts with the same problem, but Chris’ advice didn’t work in my case.

Thanks in advance,


HBgeneration.gh (536 KB)
error report.txt (750 Bytes)


Find a working file.

A lot of things to fix:

No material were defined/assigned for the surfaces in your file, so no wonder it didn’t find (or i understood something wrong in your comment). I defined and set them. (See blue group)

No windows in the external facade. Added one. Also set a material for it (see red and yellow groups)

The RunE+ was updated in your file, but the component changed input numbers, so there was a need to reinsert.

Probably i’m forgetting something else …


HBgeneration_AY.gh (583 KB)

Hi Abraham,

thank you very much for your quick reply. First of all I have to apologise for that file. While I cleaned it up to make it easily readable I was too scrubwoman-like and deleted more than I wanted. Nevertheless, still there is something I simply can’t define. If you compare the two gh-files somewhere in the components must be a bug. I reinstalled everything today (gh, LB, HB, rad/daysim/e+) but the older file still doesn’t work. I updated the components, copy-pasted yours in a new file from srf-definition on and combined it with my components before. And it runs. Any idea?


150605_SETUP.gh (558 KB)
150606_SETUP.gh (628 KB)

Hi Daniel,

Attached 2 working files. See the “old” one (150605). I draw red arrows to point what i’ve changed. The one that points to the HB_Surface indicates that i flattened the walls and in the panel i defined it as Multiline (this is the more important thing!!). The other 2 arrows indicate that i updated and reinserted those components. I performed an update for the file but there was a need of reinserting those becouse the number of input items changed.

Now both files should work for you.


150605_SETUP_AY.gh (602 KB)
150606_SETUP_AY.gh (644 KB)

Hi Abraham,

thank you very much. As I said, the 150606 runs perfectly and I can continue working. Why the “old” one doesn’t function now I’ll study for myself.

So keep rockin’ and thanks again very much for the quick support!