HBObjWShades in honeybee_Energyplus Window shade Generator

Hi every one, I have a project that I have to deliver by tomorrow,
I have these problems using honeybee_Energyplus Window shade Generator :
When in “honeybee_Energyplus Window shade Generator” I determine shade numbers to 1 or 2 it generates no output in “HBObjWShades”, But when I set shade numbers to 3 or more it works!
and also
I tried to create windows by honeybee add Glaze, I used points to create surface as child surface, but again in different area of chide surface it produce “HBObjWShades” and in some of them no,
How can I fix this? I’m really in hurry, thank you for helping.
the part of code is attached. (536.7 KB)