HDR adjust & False Color not working on mac

Dear LBT developers,

I have a view-based daylight simulation model that fully runs on Windows, but on Mac HDR adjust and False color crash. Any hint where the problem may lie? Does Mac block a Radiance utility to run? All my students with Mac have faced this issue, so it does not seem to be about anything unique on my Mac.
S07_01_ViewBasedAndGlare_HBRoomFromSurfaces.gh (104.0 KB)

Both components say: Cannot redirect stderr to stdout yet.

Attached my model if it helps. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for reporting the issue, @farhang.tahmasebi . This is likely a bug that I can fix but I am away from the Mac machine that I use for testing now so I am going to have difficulty recreating the issue. Can you double-click the center of the component to bring up the editor, click the “Test” button, and then send a screenshot of everything? This will allow me to see on what specific line of code the component is failing such that I can see if there is anything fishy.

I imagine that there’s just something specific that Mac is complaining about but I’m confident that we can find a solution.

Also, to help get my bearings, do your Mac students also experience this same error message when using the HB Glare Postprocess component?

Many thanks @chris.
HB Glare Postprocess works fine.
Attached screenshots of the whole codes and error messages. Please let me know you if you need me to test anything else.


Thank you for the screenshots, @farhang.tahmasebi . I think this gives me all that I need to fix the issue. I’ll post back here once I have inplemented the fix such that you can test it.

Hi @farhang.tahmasebi ,

I just pushed a fix to the development version of the plugin:

It should be available with the LB Versioner within an hour.

Let me know if you get the chance to test it.

I think it is not there yet @chris. Got a new error. Screenshots below.


Thank you for testing this, @farhang.tahmasebi .

Hm. This error is a little more concerning. If we can’t check the returncode from the Radiance function, then we don’t know if it actually succeeded.

@farhang.tahmasebi , on these machines that you are testing, can you verify whether there actually is an image produced by the component that’s in the same folder as the input HDR?

If the image is there and the component is just getting hung up on this last part of checking the return code, then I can implement something to catch this odd case where we cannot sense it. Otherwise, we may need to try something more drastic to fix this case.

@Cris, as far as I can say all HDRs are generated in the results folder (one original simulation output, one false colour, one with exposure adjustment, one from glare check). See below.

Thanks for chasing this.


Excellent! The images are, indeed, there. I’ll push a fix later today when I get the chance.

Hi @farhang.tahmasebi ,

We just merged in a fix for this, which will be available with the Versioner in an hour. Please let us know if you get the chance to test it.

Hopefully, this is the last thing that we needed to do to get it all to work. :crossed_fingers:

Yes, @chris, works like a charm!
Thank you.