Heat gains and losses through walls, windows, roofs and floors

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How can I find the hourly values for wall, window, roof and floor heat gains and losses separately after the simulation?
I’m using readEPResult component which doesn’t include these outputs.
any suggestions?

Try checking the HB_readEPSrfResult component.

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Thank you for your help.

Hey Abraham,

With the new LB update, I was wondering if there’s another component to check this?


The closest component i see is FaceResult, which gives some of the output of the legacy one (indoor/outdoor temperatures and energy flow).
For the other outputs, I guess, you should ask for them using the CustomOutput and/or SimOutput components. For theformer you can read the results with the CustomResult component.
Maybe @chris han share more accurate and better info here.


HB Read Face Result is the correct component, @AbrahamYezioro . Just request the surface_energy_flow_ from the HB Simulation Output component and you’ll get the net hourly heat flow across all of the walls, windows, roofs, and floors. If you want an easy way to separate the data collections by face type, you can use the HB Face Result by Type component.