Heat Pump HVAC Template Issue

Uploading my file to see if anyone can help with these errors.
Simplified the geometry down to just a few boxes, and attempting to apply the Packaged VAV with Central Heat Pump template gave these errors. I’ve gotten it to run successfully with other templates, but when attempting to run the heat pump template, it generates errors.

** Severe ** Autosizing of heating coil UA failed for Coil:Heating:Water “ROOM_174_6C47583F PSZ-AC WATER HTG COIL”
** Severe ** Developer Error: sizing of U-Factor Times Area Value [W/K] failed.
Solution exception: ** Fatal ** Preceding water coil sizing errors cause program termination

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @Alec_Barnes ,

Assuming that your simulation is failing as a result of this error, then you might want to look up this EnergyPlus warning on the unmet hours forum.