Heating and cooling degree-days

hi mostapha

The default value of heating & cooling BaseTemperature in Ladybug_CDD_HDD component is set to 23.3C & 18.3C

(heating BaseTemperature > cooling BaseTemperature) !

I think that these two values have been replaced with another one.

according to Chapter 14 of the ASHRAE Handbook :

Monthly Degree-Days, The tables of climatic design conditions in this chapter list heating and cooling degree-days (bases 10 and 18.3°C). Although 10 and 18.3°C represent the most commonly…”

(heating BaseTemperature < cooling BaseTemperature)

Hi Hamed,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Fortunately it was only a mistake in the input description. The code was written as expected:

The descriptions are also fixed now:

I’m not sure if the values are also part of your discussion but Ladybug’s base temperatures are selected based on [arguably] comfort temperature range and not ASHRAE. As you have probably already know you can adjust them by changing the input values.



Thank you for catching this. This is my fault from when I drafted the input descriptions several months ago. I think that I was too ambitious by trying to write descriptions for all LB components in 2 days that I made a number of errors. It’s a good thing that the community has people like yourself who find report these mistakes.

Stay awesome,