Heating load too high

Hello analyst! this time Im looking for help.

In my model I can´t understand the high values for heating load or if are valid results, however in my experience with other simulations software, the result should be very very low. I´m having 273kwh/m2 year.!!! For cooling, lighting and equips, the things have sense.

Maybe could be a schedule issue?
Anyone can please explain the difference between heating set point and and heating set point schedule?

epw file: https://www.energyplus.net/weather-download/southwest_pacific_wmo_region_5/NZL//NZL_Queenstown.Lakes-Queenstown.QL.938310_NIWA/all
script: Lomond House NZ vForum.gh (802.3 KB)
Materials: userCustomEPLibrary.idf (10.7 KB)

Thanks for the help !!!