Heating result for distric heating

I would like to analyze the EUI of my energy model in which I have inserted district heating.
However, the readEPresult component does not see the heating energy needed from in.csv.
I only see it in the htlm.
Anyone have any advice for me, please?

Hi @Pol_IT,

You have to ad two lines of code to the Honeybee_Generate EP Output component.


With the Honetbee Read EP Custom result you can import the results of the simulation.


Great thank you @Erikbeeren! You’ve been very helpful.
The results of district heating are in J, while for cooling they are in kWh.

I would also like the results of the distric heating to be in kWh. I got the total as shown in the image.

Is there a way to obtain the values ​​in kWh also for district heating directly from the simulation?

Hi @Pol_IT,

I get all values in [J]. Perhaps it has something to do with the setup of your system.

If you want it to be automatic converted to to [kWh] you will have to make your own userobject.

Ok I’ll try to do as you advised me! Thank you so much for your help @Erikbeeren

Hi @Erikbeeren,
I have the same problem with the heat rejection. I can see it in the htlm but I don’t know how to visualize it in Honeybee. Which lines should I add to the Honeybee_Generate EP Output component?


You can see all possible results with the read result dictionary node.

or have a look at the input output reference from Unmethours.

I searched for possible variables with the “Read Result Dictionary” component as you suggested.
To get the heat rejection results I had to add to the simulation outputs:
“Output: Variable, *, Cooling Tower Fan Electric Energy, hourly;”
Thank you so much @Erikbeeren!