Heatmap component 3d text on legend doesnt bake


Im trying to bake the legend from the heatmap component. The text comes as a 3d text rather than as a mesh as it used to come in the recolor mesh component of the ladybug legacy versions.

Any idea how to change it back to a mesh?

@nach ,

All text in the LBT plugin is a special bake-able text object, which I think most of us see as an improvement over the mesh given that it allows you to change things like the font even after it’s baked, export it to PDF/illustrator as text, etc. And that’s not mentioning how much of a performance improvement we get from it or that it solves tolerance issues like this.

You can probably write a component with a few lines of GHPython that converts the new bake-able text objects to a mesh but, before we go down that route, forgive me for asking why you would want to go back to using a mesh?

Note that you can still scale, move, rotate the bake-able text objects with the native Grasshopper components just like you would with a mesh.


Hi Chris,

thanks for your reply.

The idea of being able to bake it through a bakeable component was to automate the process for being able to bake it to a layer with a specific name just with a toggle button.

I managed to make it work with a component from Heteroptera, which doesn’t discriminate by type of geometry.

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I was looking into a smart way of baking text objects etc from the components.

there is a .BakeGeometry() method in the text objects but I got lazy and just extracted the text, plane and height from the object. It’ll do the job and then you can bake with elefront text or human text :slight_smile: laziness

text = x.m_value.Text
plane = x.m_value.TextPlane
height = x.m_value.Height

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Thanks @Mathiassn

This was a great help.
Can you please elaborate on what is m_value?

This code works wonders for what i was trying to do, but i dont understand it completely.

It’s a wrapper object/class and it’s content is .m_value

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