Help: Adjacent Surface not found

Hello Chris and Mostapha!

I’m simulating a basic simulation with 10th floors building. But, I’m encountering an error.

I was wondering how to solve adjecencies on my geometries. I did add the solveAdjc into my canvas and set it to true. I have no clue how to solve it, I searched the same error through this article and google yet it didn’t give me a solution. I even visualize my geometries under LabelSurfaces on my Rhino and still got no clue.

I uploaded two different files here but the geometries are the same. Their only different is when I got first error it’s under second floor. And second is I put all building floors in one brep. But for some reason, their errors are the literally the same and it’s adjacent surface not found.

Here’s my first error on second floor (656.7 KB)
And here’s my whole building (655.2 KB)

I can’t tell the difference because the error is all the same

I thought maybe you guys might give me a solution
Thank you

*I’m a student of end-year semester

Hi @fahadnajed

The grasshopper files you shared doesnt have geometry internalised in the breps. So we cant be able to view the geometry.

To verify whether the adjacency has been applied, you can use the component Decompose based on type and Custom preview with Color Swatch. Go through the @chris tutorial link on HB attached below to understand the use of components mentioned in the previous sentence.

2 - Honeybee Energy Modeling- HB Zones from Masses Part1: Mass2Zones - YouTube

Ouch, silly me, I forgot to internalised my geometries :man_facepalming:

Oh yes I’m using the latest version of EnergyPlus (9.4.0), but when it runs the simulation, it shows version 8.9.0. I don’t know, maybe some kind of error on my PC

Here’s my files,
building A with three floors: (794.8 KB)

building A with whole floor:

Here’s the pictures of error:

building with whole floor

and building with three floors

Do you think removing the solveAdjc component could solve the problem? I mean, it runs smoothly but what’s the consequence for it?

Hi @fahadnajed,

  1. There are some inaccuaracies in your geometry:

  1. And donut shaped rooms are not alowed in most energy analyse programs. In your case zone nr 12.


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Hi @Erikbeeren

Thanks for pointing out my issue, I will have resolve this soon and post it again in here and see what I can do