Help for adjacencies

Hello everybody,
I’m here for the hundredth time to ask your help.
In order to solve adjacencies, the simulation doesn’t work because off these errors:

I’ve tried to re-use singles surfaces of other masses to create an other one, I’ve tried to use intersect mass’ component and set these ones like breps, I’ve tried to re-model them in an other way or shape… but nothing!
(I don’t know where are those surfaces in the model! I don’t know which is the mean of the second part of the name “_SRFP”).
I’m going to be crazy.
Is there anyone that can help me?
Here’s the file:
3D Nizza - Analisi (1.3 MB)

Thank you all,


You’re solving the adjacency between the zones several times which is not necessary unless you’re trying to assign different constructions in each run. Just solve the adjacency between all the zones all together.

The error is happening because you’re running the energy simulation for only part of the model and don’t include the adjacent zones. EnergyPlus checks the boundary condition of the surfaces and can’t find the adjacent surfaces in your model. If you want to run the analysis only for a couple of zones just solve the adjacency between them.

Hi @mostapha,

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve seen that a lot of problems came from a name which had the letter “è”: I changed it and all is gone in the right way.
In orther so solve adjacencies, the method that I used is to collect all zones that have the same material between an other one, and the add the rest following the same method.
Is it the best way or is there an other easier and faster one?

Thank you,
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