Help in downloading the plugin

I am trying to download Ladybug and HoneyBee into my Grasshopper,
everything is going well, until I try to drag & drop the file into the Grasshopper canvas…
I did it multiple times and at everyone of them the Grasshopper didn’t accept the plugin
I will be grateful if someone can help me or send me an instruction video

hi @arz,

Did you unblock the files?

hi Erik
no I did not…
I never heard about this option before, so I don’t know how to do it.
can explain to me?


When you download files in windows they are blocked. You can unblock them by rightclicking and click on unblock.

just tried it and it didn’t help… the Rhino isn’t accepting the fails, even when I try components folder and user object folder

sorry I mean the Grasshopper, not the Rhino

You are talking about the legacy version?

sorry for my ignorance but what it’s deferent from the regular version?

Ladybug tools has just updated their tools. The legacy is the older version. The newest Honeybee Ladybug tools work in a different way.
For more information about installing this version you can have a look here.

Thank you for you patience… it’s working, thank you very much