Help needed with daylight analysis

Hi everybody,
i was doing this tutorial

since it seemed easy to me but I already got stuck within the first few steps…
I wanted to try a daylight analysis for the geometry shown on the images, with different windows to see which works best for bringing daylight into the room. These are 2 examples how it could look like.

in the tutorial shown it said i should connect all the indexes of the windows with the cull index, which didn’t work. i also couldn’t connect several HB surfaces as the windows and the geometry with the HB zones. After this step I was supposed to get a closed brep but mine is still open.

Since I’m new to this it would be great if somebody could help me with how to go on or show me a different option that could work for my geometry.

Thank you and regards, Monika
Here’s the link to the files:

You make the definition very complicated … without any need. See attached a cleaner and working alternative.
You were also missing the HB_HB (and LB_LB) components which are always necessary for the rest of Hb’s to work.
FYI, for only daylighting analysis the zone (volume) doesn’t have to be closed, though it is good “behaviour” to make them as such.
-A. (485.2 KB)