Help with finding a EPW file?

Hey everyone,
I need to find an EPW file of the city of Haifa in the middle east. The website which provides weather URL links to connect to the ladybug component, does not provide a link to the weather data of Haifa, and there is no epw file I can find online.
Any help with this issue? Do you usually use a URL link for weather data or a EPW file?

Try this link.

@AbrahamYezioro AbrahamYezioro thank you so much for your help!

If I may ask another question, how to I connect the epw file itself to the ladybug definition, instead of using the URL component?
I’m attaching the definition file itself and a screenshot. Right now the definition uses data from a URL of Jerusalem. Is there a different component to use for a epw file (instead of URL) other than the DownloadEPW component?


Nevermind I got it! Just needed to place your link in the panel without downloading the zip file itself.
Thanks again @AbrahamYezioro !!!


You can use this one one:

It will open this web page with a lot of weatherdata.