High duration of computation for "Set EnergyPlus Zones Thresholds" component

Hello everyone, especially coders for this time I suppose,

I’ve noticed that the component “Set EnergyPlus Zones Thresholds” seems to take a long time to run. Almost 30 seconds in the screenshot below. I’ve also noticed that this depends on the place of the component in the workflow. It takes only few milliseconds if placed just after glazing.

Well I have to points :

  • Is there any bug in the component, like a crazy loop iterating forever on some conditions ?
  • Is there an important order of workflow to respect ? If so, it would be nice to have a little document showing the ideal workflow order. I could do this but I don’t have the informations. Can I find them somewhere ?

The order should not make a difference. May I ask how many thermal zones do you have in your model?

We should profile the component and see what’s going on.

Ok so basically I have 6 floors decomposed with the HB components, so that’s 6*5=30 zones.
I re-tried this afternoon and this time the order had no effect but I’m pretty sure it had at some time … anyway
So that is still huge 30 seconds for setting 5 setPoints, what do you mean by profile the component ? Do you need my GH file ?

Last question but not least : I’m actually doing some optimisation stuff which involves changing glazing at each iteration. Could I pass this Threshold Component even before the glazing component, just after the Mass2Zones component ? So it runs only one time and his computing time is not a problem any longer :slight_smile:

Well, thank you for your answer on the order, I was quite wondering these days if I could do my zone assignments in whatever order I want. Assuming some overwrite overs, especially with schedules.

Maybe I should have been briefer …

That should be fine unless daylightIllumSetPt checks for the zone to ensure it has a window which I don’t think is the case. @chris can you confirm?

@EmmanuelR ,
The order should make no difference as @mostapha says (including before the glazing component).

As a way to save computation time in cases where you have many zones that are similar (ie. if the 6 floors of your building are all identical), I can recommend just making one floor of the building exactly as you want it and use the “move honeybee” component to make other copies of the zones at each floor:

Thank you @chris for your answer. Indeed that would save lot of time !
So I suppose one should place the adjacencies component at the very end of the workflow.
Well that’s a percious advice, thank you :smiley:

Glad you find it helpful @EmmanuelR . And, yes, you would need a solve adjacencies at the end.