Set zone threshold component computation time increase in batch processing

Hi all, I am working on a project requires batch running thousands of energy simulation. I combine Colibri and honeybee to make the whole process.
I witness that, when I first run the simulation, the set zone threshold component only take seconds, like below:

But the running time will greatly increase after running several times:

I try to close the gh file and reopen it, the same high computation time. Only if I fully close rhino and reopen the gh file and do the same process, the time will recover to 1.6 second.

I think @EmmanuelR had run into the same trouble 2 years before:
There seems a bug somewhere I suppose, which can not be easily caught in single-run workflow. @mostapha @chris

@miraclema this component is literally checking every zone’s cooling and heating schedule, and then change the default value to your value.

You can create cooling and heating schedules by yourself and set to to zone, this will be much faster:


Thank you! @MingboPeng, so the component first checked all my thousands of already generated zones’ schedules regardless of the fact that I have not the approach to reuse them (because they are not in the same iteration). I’m testing your right workflow now.:grinning:

This workflow is very fast and robust, this is the right workflow in iteration! Thank you very much!