High level of illuminance using daylight analysis with Honeybee


after running a daylight analysis, i am getting very large values for the lux level in a large space. /The space has dimensions of 115m x 70m. Since the space is so large i am surprised with the high levels of Illuminance given by the analysis. I was expecting values to range not much more than 500 lux. This is what i am currently getting:


The areas right above the windows are extremely high, and i would expect these to be around 500 . I may have understood the theory incorrectly.

Does this seem right? Since the model is so large it is possible that i may have some errors in the geometry but have checked for those. Please let me know what you think, thank you! Here is an example file attached.

Daylight simulation V3.gh (831.0 KB)

Could you be mixing lux and footcandles (fc): 1 fc = 10.7639 lux. Levels above 5,000 lux would not be unusual in a patch of direct sun.

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