HiRise building program

Hello Mostapha and Chris,

I ve been wondering is there any reason why there is not Hi Rise apartment option at the building programs component?

Would the results be any different if I use Mid Rise for a study of a building of 8+ floors (around 35 floors)?



Hi Dimitrios,

Honeybee uses OpenStudio’s default schedules. I’m not sure why they don’t have the shcedules for highrise buildings. I would post this question on unmethours.com and tag it as openstudio, and david will probably get back to you.



Thank you very much!


Any updates on this so far?

From my own experience, I would just assume that, as long as the lifestyle of the occupant is’t changing too much, it’s fine to use the midrise apartment:apartment zone program for a high rise apartment. If I had to guess the reason why the called the building program out as “midrise apartment”, it’s because they didn’t include the specific types of zone programs that you might find in high rise residential builidngs (like elevators, shared laundry resources, and other amenities like exercise rooms)

Thank you for sharing your view. Always helpful!