Honebee- Annual Daylight Simulation


After running the Annual Daylight Simulation I’m not getting any result… the RESULT Output is empty
Before, with the grid-based simulation and climate-based sky, it worked perfectly

Does anyone have an idea regarding the subject?


@LovelyRita Do you install the latest version of Daysim?

Hello @minggangyin,

Yes, i have DAYSIM 4.0 on my computer.
Again, other simulations work perfectly, I have only trouble with the ANN simulation, no result in the output.
Any other idea?

Thanks for the help!

@LovelyRita Here is a example created by @chris. You can run it on your computer.
Honeybee_Annual_Daylight_Simulation_Example.gh (524.1 KB)

Hi @minggangyin,
Thank you so much!! actually, it solved my problem!!
Thank you so much for your time!!!

I have another issue maybe you can help-
How can i assign layer from Rhyno model (Window, doors etc…) into a grasshopper code?

Thank you so much for your kindness!

Hi,@LovelyRita You can use lunchbox plugin to read the rhino layer.
Here is a screenshot for this.

Thank you @minggangyin

Do you have any idea how to add interior walls for the calculations?
somehow the code works only for the skin

Thank you so much