Honey bee to OSM command in Grasshopper

As I am doing a project require district energy simulation, and there are lots of buildings will be simulated. Due to my pc problem, the “urbanopt” command in the grasshopper cannot be executed. Therefore, I tried to run “model to osm” command in the grasshopper. However, I have discovered that it will simulate the same building repeatly more than 5 times, which is time consuming. Therefore, are there any solutions to avoid doing the simulation repeatly so as to save the time, thanks

This is most like because you are not familiar with the mechanics of Grasshopper Data Trees, which are tough if you haven’t worked extensively with Grasshopper and I’ll admit that I worked in Grasshopper for almost 2 years before everything about them finally clicked. But I recommend taking some time to learn about them since it’s very difficult to build large models in Grasshopper without them.

does the data tree refersd to the geometric pipeline in the grasshopper? this is an exercise model, which is following the tutorial you have posted on YouTube