Honeybee 1.2.0 - Runtime Error Nontype (Mac)

Hello, I am try to run a daylight simulation but there is an run time error in Honeybee 1.2.0 for Mac. I have MacOS 10.14.6 + Rhinoceros 6 + Radiance 5.3.

Hi @jmonteoliva those are LBT 0.0.68 and HB 0.0.65 core components not 1.2.0: which have since the 1.x.x release: not utilized core components anymore.

have you installed 1.2.0 via https://www.food4rhino.com/system/files/users-files/ladybug-tools/app/ladybug-tools-1-2-0.zip

From the top most option on the downloads section from here? Ladybug Tools | Food4Rhino

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Thanks @TrevorFedyna! Sorry, I get it. Do have a simple example file to run daylight analysis on 1.2.0. on Mac to test? or Do you know where I can find it?