Honeybee 1.4.0 Annual Daylight component failed to generateSkyPath

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Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I am still having trouble running the annual daylight calculation with version 1.4.0.

I just installed version 1.4.0 from food4rhino.com following the instructions (uninstalled and installed). But I keep getting error when running the annual daylight sample provided in the downloaded folder from food4rhino?

I did the Ladybug versioner and the ladybug sync, but the “generateSunPath” is still failing as shown in picture? What could be wrong on my pc? I have restarted rhino and my pc during all the steps, multiple times.

Hope anyone can help me! :slight_smile:

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Some people were able to get this error when they used a Wea with only nighttime hours, which doesn’t make for a very good daylight study. It’s hard to know for sure without a sample file that recreates the issue.

Thank you for your fast reply! The wea wasn’t the problem.

It turned out, that I needed to update the radiance version to 5.4a - now the sample is working :slight_smile:

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I’m using the latest Ladybug/ Honeybee 1.5 version and it still does that in all the recipes for analyzing daylight. Even ran the LB Sync Grasshopper file without any change.

Can you share the EPW and WEA files? And what version of radiance are you using? Is it placed in the C:\users<your username>\ladybug_tools folder?

Here they are. http://climate.onebuilding.org/WMO_Region_5_Southwest_Pacific/AUS_Australia/VIC_Victoria/AUS_VIC_Melbourne.RO.948680_21_ME_CZ0609_RMY2012C.zip
The script- Daylight simple analysis.gh (49.3 KB)
In the address you mentioned it’s only .honeybee, .ladybug and .queenbee and ladybug tools folder, I can reinstall it there.

make sure you have radiancec 5.4a as mentioned above in this folder

C:\users<your username>\ladybug_tools\radiance

(sorry i forgot the underscore (_) in the above post, is edited now)


Thank you, that was it it seems.