Honeybee 1.4 Thermal Load Balance by Zone


I think it’s a very simple question, but I don’t know how to solve it in a simple way.

I am trying to visualize the energy balance, through the Thermal Load Balance - HB component, but I want to see the plot by zone, not of the entire building. I tried to use the List Item component and select a zone, but the problem is that the zones are not ordered in the same way. My building has several floors and they are separated into 4 zones.

For example, the way I’m doing it, I know it’s wrong because when selecting Face energy flow, it doesn’t select all the surfaces associated with the zone that I want to perform the energy balance.

consultaHoneyBee.gh (709.7 KB)

Maybe someone can give me some advice on this doubt.

Thank you very much!


You are making this a little more complex than it needs to be. Just plug all of the simulation results into the “Load Balance” component but only plug one room at a time like so:

consultaHoneyBee_RoomLoadBal.gh (693.4 KB)

The load balance component is smart enough to only show the results of the connected _rooms by matching them with the correct results.

Granted, your use of AirBoundaries makes it kinda impossible for you to see each room as a separate thermal unit with an independent solar gain term. So might recommend merging your Rooms connected by air boundaries into one. But, as you can see above, it all still works.

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