Honeybee+ & Accelerad

I’ve been working to get Honeybee+ working with accelerad and seem to have success with the annual Daylight recipe (required adding in a new variable -y which equals the quantity of calc points, and changing -c 1 (default = 1000). that all works but the calc still took 14min for 3400 points running on 2 GTX 1080s. seems slow…so i tried running a five phase and received this error in the report:

Found 31 opaque surfaces.
Found 12 fenestration surfaces.
Found 0 window-groups.
Writing recipe contents to: c:\ladybug\FOUNDRY_ASBUILT3\gridbased_fivephase
Runtime error (AssertionException): AssertionError

line 84, in write, “C:\Users\dan\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts\honeybee\radiance\recipe\fivephase\gridbased.py”
line 64, in script

here’s the gh file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XeK37oCZqDCGuZiM17BZ7C8pXZdV5nkD/view?usp=sharing

Hi @daweissman, Welcome to the forum. As discussed on Accelerad mailing list I won’t be able to do much before our next deadline. Appreciate you posting it here and will get back to you after the deadline. Meanwhile do not use 5-Phase and stick to 2-Phase simulation.

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Hi @daweissman & @mostapha,

do you guys have any updates on that? I’m trying to do the same thing

Hi,@Diennymmm I have tested Accelerad 0.7 beta version.It can be coupled with HoneybeePlus.

You can try this version.

Here is the result of a sample file using 5-phase method.

@minggangyin Yeah, I have Accelerad 0.7 beta on my machine.

The thing I try to find out is how to connect my rhino model to Accelerad like shown in this video:

could you share that sample file?

Hi,@Diennymmm I just used the samples of HoneybeePlus.
Here is the link:

Oh cool! Did you use the there phase simulation?

I have tested the three-phased and five-phased samples. These two simulation worked fine on my workstation.
Here is the result of five-phased sample.

You can try to run HoneybeePlus following these tips: