Honeybee adjacency component doesn't seeme to work

I read various posts (and watch videos) re the way to create more thermal zones and use adjacency component to make HB understand which are internal partitions, but it still doesn’t work.
I reduced all to 2 or 3 simple boxes but still doesn’t work.
Only works if I remodel all as surfaces rather than solids but it takes much more time for a fairly quick energy test. Does anyone know how to solve this please?
Thank you. V.

FORUM re adjacency.gh (300.0 KB)

I’m not using LB Tools for a very long time but I might help you on that point.

First of all I haven’t seen neither LadyBug nor HoneyBee flying in your file. You should first place the two components in your canevas before doing anything. Do you see what I mean ?

Then the adjacencies worked for me but I struggled to find your geometry, even baked. With an area component I’ve found that your geometry is so far away from (0,0,0) !


Maybe you should check your units (in Rhino type ‘Units’)

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Hi Emmanuel.
HB and LB were accidentally deleted in the file prepared for the forum and yes the units are meters.
However, yes, very far from the origin, sorted that, sorted the problem, thank you.