Honeybee Ambient Resolution (AR) maximum scene size calculation

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i just found this very useful component,
i had a custom-made all this time but this one helps a lot with teaching, just one comment:

The maximum scene size considered by Radiance is calculated as follows:
1.The bounding box is calculated as the minimum axis-aligned parallelopiped that will enclose all objects.
2.The largest dimension of that box (either x or y or z) is considered the “maximum scene size”.

Here is a screenshot of the max scene size calculated in radiance,
a 3x4x3 cube (axis-aligned) and a sky are generated, then they are merged in an octree
and then using the getinfo -d we get max scene size = 4.00002 (e.g. not 5)

You can find Greg indicating that this fourth value (4.00002) is the scene size here.
And you can read it also in Rendering with Radiance, Chapter 6 page 385 (of the book)

I hope this helps


Thanks for pointing this out, @IasonBournas . @mostapha corroborated everything you mentioned and we made the necessary changes to the component here:

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No problem, thanks @mostapha @chris.
Keep up the good work,
and we will too.