Honeybee and Ladybug integration with Esri Web API Javascript


I am im the development phase of web gis for stakeholder participatory that enable the users to create their own nature-based simulation scenario. My web app mainly using esri web api, but due to the limitation of esri that can not go to such a building component detail, I am looking for another possible integration for my web app. I knew that honeybee fits my need, but I am not sure such an integration with esri is possible. May I know, if anyone might understand about this or any experience about this, whether it is possible to create such an integration? Because I know esri products are somehow totally restricted to have any integration, but i also succeeded to develop IoT integration on backend for this web app.
Thank you in advance, any responses might be valuable input for me :).

Hi @AuliaImania, Can you be more specific on what are you trying to do? Are you trying to run environmental studies for geometries that are imported from an ESRI product? In that case what type of studies are you trying to run?

Hallo @mostapha ,

Thank you for your response. The idea of my work is to provide the direct feedback of the effect from the NBS plan of physical temperature equivalent (PET) model , for this case the type of NBS are: tree, water body, grass, and green facade. The web app that i developed serves as the participatory tool that enable the stakeholder to create the urban plan of NBS (I attach the picture of it).

The simulation of green facade will relates to the cooling potential based on the change of emissivity to the green material. However for this part, I am still unsure because at the end I will choose some model simulation that can work for direct feedback of green facade. As the time being I am now creating the BIM model of some buildings that allow the detail input for green facade.

I am planning to integrate the honey-bee for green facade simulation, but I am afraid that it might conflicting with esri api. I have not any experience to do it, but I had a failure experiences in combine some other sources in my web api because it is not recognized by esri. Perhaps, Would you have any experience about it?

Hi @AuliaImania, Thank you for the explanation.

I’m not sure what you mean by a web API being recognized by ESRI? If you are developing your own web application you should be able to make the API calls as you need.

You can either deploy Ladybug Tools recipes to a server and use it for running your studies. From what I can see your geometry should be easy to be translated to the Dragonfly schema.

Keep in mind that Ladybug Tools Python libraries are licensed under AGPL, and you should license your server to be the same if you use our source code.

Another option is to use Pollination which is a commercial product that we have built and comes with several recipes (Pollination Cloud App) that you can access by using the Pollination API (https://api.pollination.cloud). Here is a sample code that uses Python but you should be able to do the same in a javascript application.

Let me know if you have any questions.