Honeybee cannot find a compatible LBNL THERM installation

Hi, all!
I just started using HB recent days, and I encountered a problem while opening a gh file I downloaded from the forum. The screenshot is attached below.

The issue is I have already installed Therm 7.6 (and Therm 7.7 after seeing the warning), but it didn’t work.
Also, I chose the default path when installing Therm (which is under C:\Users\Public\LBNL), hope that won’t cause any problem.

Thanks in advance for all answers and help!

I noticed the HB you are using is the old version, that maybe the issue.
I hade the same file path as yours, so that should not be problem for running Therm 7.6.

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Hi David!
Apologize for the terribly late response. Indeed the new version has solved the problem.