Honeybee cannot find OpenStudio on your system

1. Honeybee cannot find OpenStudio on your system.
You wont be able to use the Export to OpenStudio component.

Hi everyone… I have this problem.
I used the pollination but now again I have this error.

Hi @ayuobzangivan,

Do you want to use the legacy version. With the one click polination installer the latest version of LBT will be installed. For the legacy version you will need a different version of openstudio.

I used pollination to install but I need the legacy version also… now I should install another version of open-studio for the legacy version?

Hi @ayuobzangivan,

You will need to install OpenStudio 3.0 / EnergyPlus 9.3 directly on you C drive. Then it is not going to interfere with the other versions of energyplus installed. You can read more about why here:

Openstudio 3.0.1 can be downloaded here:

It automatically installs energyplus 9.3.
Hope this will help you.

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