Honeybee changes sliders range on iterative runs

I tried to run optimization with galapagos, I have a simple model with 4 sliders controlling glazing ratio on each facade. After creating zones with loads, schedules and hvac assigned (with glazing set) i run annual daylight analysis to create new lightning schedules. After that i run openstudio calculation to get cooling/heating/lightning energy used.
The problem is that after running galapagos my sliders range change from [0.1-0.5] to [0.1 - 1.1]. So each time at least one slider is on 1 or 1.1 i get an error (i think E+ doesn’t like 100% ratio and 110% is impossible :slight_smile:) .
Also - I am not entirely sure but i think that each slider combination is calculated twice. Im using latest legacy version of LB/HB.
I don’t think this is a problem with my definition specifically, but I send it if someone would like to take a look. It seems quite big, but I made a couple of tests (to undertand how things work better) before putting it up together so only the part inside a yellow group is important (although it is connected here and there with other parts of definition, nothing problematic i belive). Sorry for the mess.
I really would like to make it work, has anyone had similar problems and came up with a solution or workaround?
Thank you for your time and help

This is not a HB issue but rather a GH one.
See this discussion for that.

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Hello Abraham, thank you for your reply, that was the problem.
If someone had similar problem - in my case a workaround was creating a list of glazing ratios I was interested in and using “list item” + sliders as genes.

This is a Grasshopper bug but there is a workaround:

Double click on canvas and type 0.1<0.5 and press enter. It will give you a slider that starts at 0.1 and ends at 0.5. The only limitation is that you can’t edit this slider properties in Grasshopper. Once you use the editor it will be back to 0.1 to 1.1.

Credits for the workaround goes to @MingboPeng!

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That’s how I always create my sliders. The thing is, when doing some tests with honeybee (before galapagos run) i probably opened editor to change a value (because, for example - going from 0.5 to 0.3 on canvas would trigger two runs) - and as you mentioned it wouldn’t work after that. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I’ll be more careful with sliders now, with this forum I learn a new thing each day :slight_smile: